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Independence of
the Board of

The appointment of directors is made at the general shareholders' meeting, and director candidates to be appointed at the general shareholders' meeting are finalized as proposals to be submitted by the board of directors.

For internal directors, candidates are selected based on their expertise and leadership that can contribute to achieving the company's management goals.

As for external directors, individuals with an independent position, such as having no significant relationships with the company or major shareholders, are selected as candidates. They possess rich experience in specialized fields such as electronics, management, accounting, law, and more, and are capable of supervising both the company and directors from an impartial standpoint.

Board of Directors

2023 status of the board of directors meeting

YY-MM-DD Meeting agenda Approved
Number of
  1. 1. Consent to concurrent position of Kim Gil-joong, an Internal Director, at Affiliate Company Vitzromiltech as an Internal Director.
Approved 6/6 (100%)
  1. 1. Approval of the 38th Fiscal Year Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements
  2. 2. Resolution on Cash Dividends for the 38th Fiscal Year
Approved 6/6 (100%)
  1. 1. Resolution to Convene the 38th Regular Shareholders' Meeting
  2. 2. Approval of Separate and Consolidated Financial Statements for the 38th Fiscal Year (Cash Dividend: 200 Won per Share)
  3. 3. Partial Amendment of the Articles of Association
  4. 4. Appointment of Internal Director (Jang, Seung Kook)
  5. 5. Approval of Director Compensation Limit
Approved 6/6 (100%)
  1. 1. Adjustment of Conversion Price of the 1st and 2nd Unsecured Convertible Bonds with Warrants through Anonymous Non-Face-to-Face Subscription
Approved 6/6 (100%)
  1. 1. Appointment of Jang, Seung Kook as CEO (Representative Director)
Approved 6/6 (100%)
  1. 1. Reporting on the 2023 Internal Accounting Management System Operational Plan
  2. 2. Approval of Amendment to the 2023 Internal Accounting Management System Regulations
  3. 3. Appointment of Internal Accounting Managers and Personnel for the Year 2023
Approved 6/6 (100%)

ESG Rating

2021 ESG rating report by KCGS(Korea Corporate Governance Service)

Integrated B+ VITZROCELL Co.,Ltd. received B+, having in place a modestly good sustainable management system.
Environmental B VITZROCELL Co.,Ltd. received B, having in place a slightly poor environment management.
Social B VITZROCELL Co.,Ltd. received B+, having in place a modestly good socially responsible management.
Governance B+ VITZROCELL Co.,Ltd. received B+, having in place a modestly good governance.