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(Corporate Social

As a member of the local community, Vitzrocell carries out social contribution activities through scholarship support, the donation of supportive funds, various volunteer activities, and other forms of social outreach.

  • Scholarship support
  • Coal-sharing Volunteer Activity
  • Care Facility Volunteer Activity
  • Donation of supportive funds

Number of
(as of June 30th 2023)

Employees non-affiliated
Company Gender Number of Employees Average
number of
years of
Male Fe-
an indefinite
Total part-time
Total part-time
Vitzrocell Male 217 - - - 217 8.2y 9 2 11 -
Vitzrocell Female 168 - 13 - 181 7.4y -
Totla 385 - 13 - 398 7.8y -

Education results
of employees

Code of Ethics Education Improving awareness of the disabled Prevention of sexual harassment Prevention of workplace harassment Personal Information Protection Information Security Training
2022 Once a year Once a year Once a year Once a year Once a year
2021 Once a year Once a year Once a year Once a year Once a year
2020 Once a year Once a year Once a year Once a year Once a year
Completion rate 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Mutual Growth
with Partners

One Company Forum

- Supervised by CEO, with major suppliers of parts and automation facilities

- Once a year, since 2010

Code of Ethics

Fundamental Ethics of Employees and Executives

The employees and executives of VITZRO Group shall possess sound ethics, maintain their own honor and dignity, and adhere to the following:

  1. ① Observe social norms as healthy and sound members of society;
  2. ② Separate public and private matters and avoid conflicts of interests between the Company and individuals in order to ensure the fair performance of duties and business;
  3. ③ Protect the Company’s assets and information;
  4. ④ Make best efforts on self-development and fostering subordinates in order to obtain world-class competitiveness; and
  5. ⑤ Observe workplace etiquette and create a mutually trusting and respectful culture.

We strive with our best efforts to practice customer-centered management.

  1. ① We follow the value desired by customers as the most prioritized criterion for judging our business activities.
  2. ② We create and provide products and services that satisfy customers.
  3. ③ We respect the opinions of customers, speak the truth, and ensure that our promises to customers are kept at all times with the mindset that “Customers’ requests are always right”.

We strive to enhance shareholders’ profits based on shareholder-oriented and transparent business management.

  1. ① We enhance the corporate value via efficient management and respect the demands, suggestions, and resolutions of the shareholders.
  2. ② We shall prepare the business management data and materials pursuant to all laws and accounting standards and disclose the data and materials according to applicable laws and regulations.
Employees and Executives

The Company shall strive for the growth and development of employees and executives by creating an environment where its employees and executives can work autonomously and voluntarily.

  1. ① The Company shall treat employees and executives fairly according to their abilities and achievements.
  2. ② The Company shall provide opportunities for employees and executives to develop their competency and receive education for their growth as competitive workers.
  3. ③ The Company shall support its employees and executives so that their work and life can stay harmonized.
Company Partners and Contractors

The partners and contractors of the Company shall be provided with fair opportunities, support for enhancing competitiveness, and pursuit of mutual benefit and shared evelopment.

The Company shall mutually respect and fairly compete with its competitors.


Based on the creation of new values and publicity that conforms to social norms, we shall make the Company be trusted by the public.

  1. ① We shall develop new products and services via constant innovation and challenge, and conduct business activities that set an example for society.
  2. ② We shall inform the public of the Company’s products and services honestly and faithfully in a manner that conforms to social norms.
Country and Society
  1. ① Legal Compliance
    We shall comply with all local laws and regulations and respect the local culture of the region where the Company operates its business.
  2. ② Environmental Protection
    a) We conduct environment-friendlybusiness activities and participate in activities that protect the environment.
    b) We provide environment-friendly products and services based on steady and constant research and development.